• Status & recommendations

    Problems and neglected maintenance steps
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    • Displays all bottlenecks and incorrect settings instantly
    • Unlocks your PC’s true potential
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Status & recommendations

Find bottlenecks on your PC

Symptoms: Windows®‘s performance is decreasing gradually and you’ll encounter more and more error messages.

Cause: Incorrect settings, too many installed programs, neglected maintenance steps – all this, and more, will lead to a bad day-to-day performance and even crashes.

Solution: The "Status & recommendations" page of TuneUp Utilities 2014 is the best place to detect incorrect settings, to fix all problems and to optimize your PC instantly.

Want to know if there’s something wrong with your PC with a simple glance? Then TuneUp Utilities is the key with its easy-to-use "Status and recommendations" start page. Try it out today:

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